Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Iron Maiden

Just because it's Spring doesn't mean you have to go around looking like a walking Easter egg. One of my favorite looks is pairing really pretty floral/pastels/ruffles with hard-ass leather, chunky goth shoes and ripped up black metal shirts. I call this look Iron Maiden. A girl wearing a gauzy maiden-like gown with a leather jacket on top. Black nails and pink lipstick. Floral blouses with tight black pants and big black jewels. I'm actually on a 5 hour train ride right now that started at 5 am and a friggin gypsey/squatter totally stole my ticket and the cops took him away. Of course that would happen to me. But at least I had all the time in the world to make these collages. The first one was easy because I just pulled whatever appealed to me regardless of price. The second one however, I tried to do something that most of us normal working girls can actually afford. Everything on the second collage is under $100.

Alexander McQueen gown $8255// Cosabella bra // Alexander Yamaguchi crop top $85// Givenchy leather vest $1995 with Mulberry maxi skirt $1180// Unif Hellbound shoe $250// Joe's Jeans purple jeans $165// Aubin & Willis black polish $19// Lancome lipstick $38// Balmain skinny jeans $3980// Dolce & Gabbana floral top $900// Bloodmilk ring $260

Romwe dress $36// Kurt Geiger ring $64// Topshop crop top $48// H&M leather jacket $48// Bank Fashion palazzo pants $16// Topshop pink pants $35// Essie black polish $8// Forever21 pink lipstick $3// Jane Norman shorts $24// H&M floral blouse $24// T.U.K. creepers $70

Here's some people that nail the look I'm talking about.

Rock Paper Vintage
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