Monday, April 9, 2012

Hellbounds heaaa!

I jumped on the Unif Hellbound bandwagon, and it's like a really good bandwagon so far. 
I've been lusting these friggin shoes since they came out and it's one of those things where I like can't believe they're finally connected to my feet. Honestly I'm probably only going to use these for photoshoots, but if I felt comfortable being over 6 feet tall (I'm 5'8" and these have 6" heels), then I would probably wear them everyday. They are very comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in. Oh and I got them from Dolls Kill and they got here in like one day (I got the last black pair), and the rest of their stuff is awesome, so I recommend it to y'all. Ok bye.


  1. Sooo jealous! I also have been lusting over them since they came out.


  2. you have amazing look my dear!!!! i love so much your shoes! i want them too!