Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ain't Nothin But a GOTH Thing

I found this shirt when I went thrifting the other day. It says "Ain't Nuthin but a Goth Thing"
and has Marilyn Manson's initials on the back. Also, it is HUGE. So I wear it like a big dress. 
And I need to vent real quick. I really hate my camera. I want to throw it off the roof. 
It sucks for these type of photos. Wah.

Speaking of cameras, I'm going to share (I've shared this before) the best review for a camera I've EVER SEEN anywhere. I think this was from Target's website. This is seriously a review someone actually wrote about a product. Enjoy:

it is so big and ugly.it will let u down.i dropped it on the COUCH and it broke.like the screen turned all black. Sould i repeat, dropped it on the couchand it is as wide as to 11 year old fingers.i am talking about the topit is over fragil.i hate it so much.i must be stupid because this is the third one of these i broke one i cleaned the screen with a baby wipe.second the lense got jamed but i know how to fix it because it happend so many times.i cant wait to get a new one this sunday.but it is my grannmas so i need to buy her a new one to so thst is bad.but it takes ok pics but when youe zoom it the flash wont work.see i have lots of award things so when my parents zoom and theres no flash i wish we never bought it.but i dont know why my grandma loves it she never uses it.i think she doesnt realy like it at all she just does not want to comeplain

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  1. actually loling at that amazon review. your boots are amazing!