Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Darkness

Today's style inspiration comes from Hesher. I really enjoyed this movie and its soundtrack, although parts of it
were a little gross and disgusting. Basically the main character, Hesher (Joseph Gordon Levitt) is a pyromaniac guy who loves Metallica and doesn't really give a shit about anything. His tattoos include a stick figure blowing his brains out and middle finger on his back. He "befriends" a bullied 12 year old kid and pretty much just moves right into his house (uninvited) and turns his world upside down. And Natalie Portman plays the nerdy love interest. Although Hesher is usually shirtless in the movie, it was pretty easy to make a slightly girlier style collage in ode to him. He would probably hate this blog post and burn it to shreds.
Unif Hail tee// Butter metallic purple polish// Pamela Love pentagram cuff// Metallica tee// Omen Eye studded shorts// Vans Premio high tops// Metallica buttons// Asos cross bracelet// Jeffrey Campbell studded Litas// Levi's skinny jeans// Pucci cross earrings

What is a Hesher? (according to Urban Dictionary)
A grungy, long haired, plastic comb-brush in the back pocket stoner with an 80’s rock shirt. Sometimes, a little ‘off’ from the drug damage. Rides an adult sized BMX bike around town and knocks over trash cans by kicking out with his back tire.

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