Thursday, May 3, 2012


Do you ever have one of those times where you worked all day and feel dirty and gross and tired but then it's like 7:30 pm and it's still light out and you're like "WAIT it's still light enough out to do some photos, quick take some pictures of me!" and you really have no business being photographed at all because honestly it's just not one of your better looking days, but you throw on some outfit and makeup in 5 minutes and run outside and try to get in some non goofy looking pics but you reallly just keep wanting to do the butterfly and giving the finger the whole time and can't stop laughing and your hand looks like a big white mitten in the one picture? Yeah, like Monica said, it's one of dem' days.
(Don't be alarmed if I take this post down in a few minutes)


  1. your hair tips and crazy huge shoes are amazing together! there is so much going on with the neon florals it's great. i discovered you on chictopia today and just wanted to say hi! :)

    it would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia style

  2. your first paragraph perfectly describes every time i try to take outfit photos lol! love this look and i think the pictures still came out great! love the dress and your hair ;)


  3. I think you look awesome!! absolutely obsessed with that tote bag.