Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tee Time

For Memorial Day I have done a memorial on my tee shirts.
I think I have about 200-300 tee shirts. Most are from thrifting trips. Some I've had since I was a kid. Some  were gifts. I pretty much wear a tee shirt everyday (I work in a bike shop and don't get to dress up much). 
I'm a big fan of oversized, dress like shirts and most of my shirts have been cut, chopped and screwed up to the point of no return. I took some shots of some of my most favorite tees, and then went back into history to find photos of me wearing them. This was a very lengthy process. I had to even go onto barren ass MySpace to find some pics. Going on myspace feels like walking down an empty hallway in an abandoned hospital or something creepy. Or shopping at FYE.

Let's start with  my most favorite shirt I own. My Harley. I have several Harley Davidson shirts, but
for some reason this one is the very best. It has been worn so much and is so thin, that every time
I wash it, it comes out more and more shredded. It's held together by pins. Below you can see I wore it to
go see the White House, and then there's a shot from a 4th of July block party a few summers ago.
This 90210 shirt has been with me for about 10 years now. I found it on one of my first Salvation Army 
thrift trips in Philly. I wasn't as good at thrifting back then as I am now. I wasn't sure quite what to look for and would get frustrated easily. However, I was able to spot this Luke Perry classic and a Wayne's World shirt (that is long gone...someone stole it I think). The one shot below is me at 17 in my dorm room with my friend Isaac who was trying to steal the shirt from me.
The Simpsons tank was a gift my friend George sent me because he knew I would appreciate it.
Some of my fave band shirts. My first boss Larissa, at Urban Outfitters back when I was 18/19 gave me this New Order shirt. It is so worn and thin, the best type of vintage tee material. I used to wear the shit out of this shirt. The Metallica shirt I found thrifting and it def gets a ton of use. The Cro-Mags shirt was actually found in a dumpster with a bunch of other hard core tees, some of which I still have. It's held together with pins.
A couple hip hop tees. I got the Dipset shirt at the Dipset reunion show. I like how low quality the screenprint is. The Usher shirt was a thrifting find and gets lots of positive comments on the streets. And by positive I mean more like shocked or confused.

Who doesn't like cat shirts? I've actually found that purple one with the hat several times at thrift stores.
The one photo below is me in CVS during Halloween time.
These Thrasher shirts are probably my most go-to tees. I don't know, there's just something
about the Thrasher shit that has stuck with me from a young age. I would wear these everyday if I could. Well I guess I could, but uhh I dont know.
Just a couple randoms. The Taste of Style shirt is actually a Bacardi Rum shirt. I love the graphic and it
would probably make a great tattoo. I wear that shirt a lot and it is very worn in. The Piglet shirt is just so 
funny and I don't know who Amanda is/was.

A bunch of faces. The Fabulous Stains shirt was a gift from Darkness and Dawn  that I love a lot. Next is my Chloe Sevigny shirt from her role in Gummo. The coloring is great. The Ziggy/Kate Moss tee was an etsy find that I got along with a Grace Jones shirt (that one is in the wash, I wore it yesterday). Another much loved shirt is this Jackson Browne shirt. I used to wear this thing all the time. Not so much because I like Jackson Browne, but more because I like how giant and neon it is.
These are two gnarly etsy finds. They pretty much speak for themselves.
This Price is Right shirt is totally something someone hand made for when they went on the show, and somehow it ended up with me. The letters are ironed on and are all crooked and peeling off. The Flamingo shirt is a South of the Border shirt that I've had for about 9 years.
Here's some boy band shit. The New Kids on the Block shirt I think is Dante's. But I've had it for 5 years so I think it is at least half mine now. Sorry Dante. And there's N'Sync and Ricky Martin. I've definitley worn all of these shirts but could find no record of that.
Some more skater stuff. The Failure and Tony Hawk shirt were hand me downs from different people.
The Vans crop top has been with me for many years and I used to wear it like every day when I lived in West Philly.
There's some more shirts I love that I couldn't find this morning.
My Van Halen shirt is one of them. This day I was wearing it someone drove by and screamed 


  1. Love this post. You should do more similar ones.. I find getting a sneak peek into people's closets fascinating x

  2. I agree. I feel like I used to do more personal posts...I'll try to start back up again!

  3. Your blog is fucking cool. YOU'RE SO BADASS hahaha. You're one of my favourites.
    Ashley x

  4. Holy crap, I need some more t-shirts. I love yours. You never fail to look like a total badass. Those yellow and black striped pants are fantastic - like Beetlejuice on acid! And whoever said Van Halen sucks is an idiot.

    May the force be with you.

  5. i feel like i can never look good in a t shirt you on the other hand can rock one for sure

  6. Van Halen kicks ass! and you can def look good in one, just make it your own. cut it up, dye it, cut the neck open, etc