Tuesday, June 12, 2012

AC Trip 13

This is probably  like my 13th "I went to Atlantic City this weekend" post on this blog.
But I went to Atlantic City this weekend. The characters were out in full force. I think I said 
"OH MY GOD!" about 102 times throughout the day. Things were shocking, and amusing.
We jam packed pretty much everything you could think of doing into 7 hours and then took a full bus back to Philly in which two men talked loudly the entire ride having the dumbest conversation ever. The last thing I remember hearing was something about a woman that "looked like that freak Dennis Rodman, only a little shorter."

I always do this.

The new casino Revel is huge and all brand new everything. I won $16 on my first try.
The funniest part was this huge glowing cross with poker tables all around it and a 
daytime stripper dancing in the middle. Daystripper.

Every summer I go to AC, there's a different "trend" at the shops.
One summer it was "THIS IS WHY I'M HOT" and then another one it was all "HI HATER" and 
this summer everything says "YOLO". I had to get this Yolo Polo.

Autographed Sopranos scooter.

The weirdest display I've ever seen (outside the Wild West casino at Bally)

This pirate came running out of no where and jumped up on 
that bench and looked out to sea. I swear to fucking god.

Beach Bum ^^
This guy has the LIFE.

My favorite food. Lobster rolls.

Playing my favorite slot.
Kitty Glitter.

Glitter kitties.

The trip actually ended on this sad note.
A little boy was lost out in the ocean and still hasn't been found.
This was the search party going on.
Watch out for rip tides people! They are no joke.

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  1. I started dying when I read the Yolo Polo part. Hilarious!