Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summah Time

I haven't updated this blog in a week because I went home to Newport for a vacation.
I drove this black Camaro there. I cried a little when I had to give it back yesterday.
Also, I highly recommend downloading the app, LINE CAMERA if you like sticking wigs
on people. You may be able to tell which photos were altered below.

My car.
My Mom wheeling her friend around.
Hanging out in my parents yard.
A burger my Dad made.
A bunch of people got kicked off the beach right next to us.
This photo wasn't altered at all.
Oyster Bar with a 2 hour wait. We waited.
Cool guy.
No jumping off bridge.
Thou Shalt Not Whine.
Fendi sunglass box from Tiverton flea market.
Little house on the highway

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