Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unicorn Farts

My most recent Etsy favorite find is Long Winter Farms, a shop run by a mother of two in Maine who makes all natural soap products. The first thing that attracted me to the shop were the actual names of the scents (Beach Day, Hayride, Blue Skies, Pumpkin Cheesecake,etc) which are all such nostalgic type things and very seasonal. And I'm very drawn to nostalgic and seasonal things. Secondly, the prices are so so affordable with lip balms for $4, roll on scents and lotions for only $9. The first purchase I made was the Lily of the Valley lotion, Beach Day perfume and Coconut Limeade lip balm. Everything smells exactly as you would hope it to, and the lotion is the perfect consistency. I really really wanted to know what the Unicorn Farts was like, and apparently everyone else on Etsy does too because it sells out like every day. I was lucky enough to wake up early enough last week to score a Unicorn Farts lotion and lip balm along with the Hayride perfume which also all live up to my expectations. No one asked me plug this brand or anything, I just like to give credit when credit is due and to people who deserve it...especially with holidays around the corner, this is a great gift idea. Just sayin...

Shop it HERE!

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