Monday, September 3, 2012

White Zombie

Imagine being a tourist going to see the George Washington memorials at the Valley Forge
State Park on a rainy day and then seeing this person come out of the forest wearing 6" heels 
and all black with like no pants on. That's what happened. But I was the person coming out of the forest.
I think this one couple thought I put a hex on them. But that's because i like faced them across the parking
lot and pointed my fingers toward them and went "HISSSSSSSS".  Hahaha.
Then we jump into a pickup truck and listen to Meek Mills and we
 just ridin' round and gettin' it, so nothing really makes sense and that's how I like it.

Tunnel Vision velvet dress// Vintage Nicole Miller sunglasses// Vanessa Mooney silver necklace//
Unif shoes// Bloodmilk Planchette ring// H&M hat// Some Velvet gold cross necklace

Photos by Chuck Ryder

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