Sunday, December 23, 2012

Reign in Bart

Here's the second Bart Simpson print outfit I've done this month. It is freezing and very windy today 
which is a good thing because my hair covered my face in most of the pictures and my face didn't 
look very good today, so this was perfect. 
Do you like my see through purse? I would definitely want to steal it if I was someone else. 
But maybe I would want to because it's all my own things inside and I like my things. 
Last night I dreamt I had a really fluffy Persian cat that was dyed PURPLE.
 And everyone was all like "oooh wow he looks soo good" (which he did) 
and then the cat was like "yeah I know I look good huh?" 
in this South Philly tough
guy accent. I wonder what this means.
One more thing, did anyone else hope that Doroda was the Gossip Girl this whole time?

Asos faux fur coat// Nasty Gal clear purse// Miista Franca boots// 
Romwe leggings// H&M earrings// Thrifted Slayer shirt
Photos by Chuck Ryder

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  1. Oh I just fell in love with the bag. And the coat. And the rest of the outfit. Love it!! :)