Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Up the Punks

I've done so many of these style inspiration collages that I thought I'd run out of icons.
Then I remembered fucking PUNKY BREWSTER. My original role model of style. Before Clarissa, and 
before Lisa Turtle, Rayanne Graf, etc, there was Punky. The more I looked through her photos on Tumblr,
the more I remembered the show (which I probably haven't watched in about 21 years). If you were 
a Punky watcher you might remember the episode where someone got locked in the freezer, or the one
about the runaway kid that was on the side of a milk carton (remember MILK CARTONS?!). I remember
trying to dress like her in second grade wearing high top dinosaur Converse sneakers with double stacked mis-matching scrunchie socks OVER leggings UNDER cut off shorts. I'm pretty sure my Grandmother once said "I'm sorry but I can't be seen with Jacci today" and I was all like "Granparents just don't understand".

Here's a collage I made of a slightly more grown up Punky. Like maybe when 
she was 13 rather than 8.
Wildfox sweater// Vintage Oscar de la Renta jacket// FashionUnion skirt// Nasty Gal scrunchie//
Doc Martens boots// American Apparel nail polish// Night After Night denim jacket// Keds sneakers// Stance Misfits socks// Opening Ceremony backpack// Topshop jeans


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  1. What an unusual style icon lol, but I'm really loving that type of style at the minute

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