Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Instagram Update

Here's like 30 pics of things I've done over the past couple weeks via Instagram.
They're mostly of my face and/or body. But doing different things.

New job.

Cut up my Unif Axl's into little shorts.

Lobster roll, salmon and steak at the same damn time.

Walked some dogs while representin' Wu.

Seeing if I was still any good at gymnastics.

Rainy beach day.

Trying to look stoic next to a bush.

I was actually moving down a hill here. Not standing still.

Trying to look pouty on a swing.

Slating or dying with a cactus.

$5 Beavis and Ninja turtles pants at Walmart.

Trying on stuff at TJ MAXX.

Being filthy in Philly on my last day. That is sweat in my hair.

Fourth of July with Teesha.

Vans will make us dance.

Tramp stamp.

Headbanging on a 4 year olds swingset with a Budweiser.

New favorite spot.

This is what my packing looked like. Very important stuff.


Black out.

The first time I ever wore sweatpants out of house.

Me and one of my best friends.

Crushing Buds with Adam.

Reppin' Wu at the beach.

Headbanging on my old stoop for one last time.


Being mopey on my last night out in Philly that wasn't actually my last night out
because i like went out the next night too.


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