Thursday, November 14, 2013


Like I was saying, I've been having a hard time coming up with things to post about.
Until at work the other day, we got about 1000 soul and r&b records in. While I was going through 
them, I was most intrigued with the absolutely perfect and insane styling on the album covers.
Some are so ridiculous, they might make you feel some type of way. And I love it.

That guitar he playin got me feelin some type of way.

Did you know this was the original Nasty Gal?

Did you know this is Lil' Wayne's real dad?
Also, the full title of this album is "Killer on a Rampage". With THIS picture as the cover.

Dream suit.

That velvet masterpiece on the left is like a dream.

Someone actually designed and made all of these outfits for this particular cover.

Denim goldmine.

This one really stuck out for me. Well one thing really stuck out. 
It's the thing on the floor in the leopard boots.
This is one of those things where you can't tell if they were laughing at US when they made this cover, or are we laughing at them? Or together as one?

Imagine being the stylist who gets to say they 
got the Isley Brothers to wear this.

The funny thing is this guy is straight.

Your body is a glitter wonderland.

This is perfect. I have nothing else to say except look
at the platforms!

"Do it All Night". Another shot from Nasty Gal holiday lookbook 1977.

Every single person in this photo was feeling
some type of way right then.

Coolest nose doorknocker EVER.

Restrospect ad from last Spring.

An albino in pink satin.But also the guy in the front's shirt, belt and necklace.

Oooh there you are again. Front and center. Did they  know what
they were doing when they did this?

There is nothing cool about this, but it is important.

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