Friday, April 25, 2014

90's Flow

PATRA: Romantic Call
Patra is such a badass in this video, and actually all of her videos. The styling
is so on trend with right now. Booty shorts, crop tops, big gold jewelry, and then
even some of the random street people are wearing like vintage patchwork bell bottoms.
Also Tupac is in this video.

JADE: Don't Walk Away
I used to have the intro "Hi we're not in right now, but...." as my voicemail message for a few
years. My favorite part of this video is when they strut out in the beginning and just break into
that classic 90's synchonized dance when the beat drops in. The style is classic middle school 
(well for me at least, I was in middle school when this came out) with athletic wear, timberlands,
baggy jeans, etc. It reminds me of kids trying to act all thugged out wearing Starter jackets, getting in fights at like recess or whatever.

AALIYAH: Back and Forth
Aaliyah, ahhh one of my favorites of all times, this video seriously gives me chills.
I feel like I'm in 6th grade again. Aaliyah is the epitome of 90's cool in this. I like 
literally wish I was her in this video. RIP.

CHAKA DEMUS: Murder She Wrote
Another classic fave of mine from the 90's. This one brings back memories of the Jock Jams
tapes and MTV Party to Go. Look at the fucking styling in this video though! So on point. Cut out spandex dresses, insane earrings, even the guys are decked out in oversized vintage blazers. Wtf. Mind blowing.

JANET JACKSON: That's the Way Love Goes
I love Janet always, but I really really loved 90's Janet. That Janet CD with IF, Again, and this song on it was my SHIT in 4th-5th grade. I used to cry to "Again" like I knew what anything meant back then. It still makes me want to cry actually. But this video has such a sick, cool vibe to it. Simple styling
but the way she moves in it is just too cool for school man. I can't.

(All collages by me via Polyvore!)

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