Thursday, May 15, 2014

Girl Talk

"you know who you are, your love's as sweet as candy...i'll be forever yours. love always. mandy"

OMG this video means a lot to me. It brings back so many distinct memories. Look at those cargo pants, and the plainest little baby tees ever. And those jocky sk8r boyz on their longboards. So hot. This came out in 99' so I guess I was 15. Perfect. We even did a dance to this song in the talent show I think. And by "I think", I mean I know. So sweet and innocent. This was the time era where Britney, Christina, Jessica and Mandy all popped out at the same damn time. Mandy was my favorite though, (probably mostly because there was skaters in the video) with Christina's Genie in a Bottle at a close second. Things that pop into my head include Roxy ads, Delia's catalogues, Teen Spirit deodorant, TRL, Y&M magazine, Dawson's Creek, etc. I'd like to add that a year later, there was another talent show, but this time instead of going to it I went in a car of people to go drinking and we got pulled over and I got arrested and taken to the police station and I remember driving by, handcuffed in the cop car and seeing everyone coming from the talent show standing in front of Dairy Mart and wanting to wave but I couldn't because I was handcuffed. Then when we got to the police station I was like do I really still need to handcuffed? And he's like "this is what we do with all of our prisoners. This is Newport, Rhode Island by the way. Then my Dad had to come pick me up at the police station. There was a write up in the newspaper that said "a 17 year old was arrested. She had an unopened bottle of Coors Lite and a half empty bottle of Smirnoff Raspberry Twist in her purse" which wasn't even true because it was Coley that had the Raspberry twist. By then I was probably listening to Wu  Tang and NOFX instead of Mandy Moore though.

River Island pink tank// Cynthia Rowley red tank//  Discman// Got 2 B Hairspray// 
Jewellery of Lords henna necklace// D-Street longboard// Delia's polish// 
Maharishi pants// Skechers sneakers// Dickie's cargo pants

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