Friday, June 13, 2014

How I'm Livin'

This is how a 30-year-old-college-dropout-no trust fund having- independent-ass- paycheck
to paycheck-living girl lives. I've moved about 3-4 times in the past YEAR. Currently
I live in a tiny 2 room apartment and I love it. I really only have about 3 pieces of furniture 
but somehow it's working out. Here's some pics of my tiny little haven.

My favorite jacket is on display (Unif of course), on top of a vintage
tapestry hanging, in between tiny drawings by my boyfriend and my Dad.

None of those sunglasses cost me more than $10. A bunch of my favorite stylish books, and
a thrifted Surf or Die skeleton.

My vanity also serves as the music area and phone booth.

Some of my treasured earrings and chokers.

I got a sudden urge one day to paint these faces and glue
googly eyes onto this old window rather than trash it.

I read a lot. I order multiple books on Amazon at once. When I'm about half way through
the last book, I order 3 more so they'll be here by the time I'm done with the one I'm reading.

Exposed rack of clothing with my chunkiest shoes underneath.

Just some records.

This chair is the only piece of furniture that will never leave my side. Flanked by
Homer and a Bart board.
The original Slate or Die that I painted shown with 2 fancy bras that I've never worn.

This is how I furnished my kitchen.

The biggest troll I've ever found. He actually has a human sized head and can wear
most hats and sunglasses. Sitting atop my flea market Fendi sunglass holder.

Built in tiny shelf in the bathroom wall. Skin Trip coconut lotion has been my favorite lotion since
10th grade when I worked at the health food store. I haven't NOT had a bottle of this around since then.

Just got this clock radio phone from Jinxed recently. I have received one call on it and it scared the shit out of me. Also shown with $60 cash and my favorite face mist and sea salt hair mist.

Another shot of my dresser top.

My favorite jade plant and some other little plants sit in the window.

Inside that white box on the wall is a long rope and directions on how to lower yourself out the 
window in case of emergency.

I only own 4 cds. They are Aaliyah, Lil' Kim, Hole, and Punkorama 3.

Some of my most played records.

Atop my mirror (which I've also been carrying around for the past 10 years).

Toilet top style. I used those Keith Haring sponges you can find at the dollar store
to make the toilet paper holder look more appealing.

2 random paintings of 2 ladies. One very ugly, and one pretty.

Overcrowded refrigerator.

The bathroom walls.

Everything in my kitchen is literally ancient.

My records are all organized alphabetically.

Overcrowded refrigerator top.

Unhung heroes.

Old vintage boards (and whoever's that is on the far right not sure). You mad?

Here's some bonus pictures: Me on my webcam, my current nails, and me on the street the other day.


  1. Your apartment looks amazing! Me and my mum are all about furnishing and decorating on a budget so I must show her this post. I love your style so much, now I must use my crochet throw as a rug!

  2. This post had me laughing and inspired. Good stuff. If I can focus long enough while cleaning, I can become as organized as you. BTW, now I want a land line. Cheers Love!