Friday, December 12, 2014

Checked Out

 This outfit was inspired by my watching the Advanced Style documentary twice yesterday. It's on Netflix right now, and I highly recommend it if you have any interest in fashion/style.
Those ladies are so inspiring and all have such a great outlook on life. They remind you that aging isn't a bad or scary thing as long as you do it right...staying true to yourself (your style). I'm not too worried, because honestly, I don't see myself ever changing my look because of the age I am (I'm 31 now). I basically still have all the same likes and interests that I had when I was a teenager (clothes, tattoos, rap music, punk rock, skateboard culture, books about rock stars, etc.) which sounds juvenile, but that's who I am and that's what makes me happy. I mean come on, we're gonna be the first real generation of old people covered in tattoos driving around listening to  DJ Khaled all like "remember the old days??"

Everything vintage except the Urban Outfitters boots and the Panda Eyes glasses!


  1. I just watched Advanced Style, too!! It's probably the best thing I have ever seen (or at least in the top 5 haha). I loooove your outfit, too. Especially that killer coat!

  2. Cool <3
    Saskia! xo